Wind beneath my wings

 In faith, strength

We strolled the path leading home, hand-in-hand and with happy hearts. The girls buzzed ahead on bikes. The dad ran the fluffy pup along – trying to wring every last bit of animal energy out. That left just me and my buddy boy. He felt beyond tired, and dragged his body along at a snail’s pace saying he didn’t think he could make it. He didn’t want to make it. He just wanted to be done.

That’s when I spotted two big sugar maple leaves. Sure, similar finds dotted the path most of the way; but right then these were exactly what we needed.

I presented the leaves with dignity and grandeur, as if presenting a valued treasure. They were impressively big; and he was impressed.


He accepted the gift (chivalrously) and pranced ahead with new get-up-and-go in his gait.

At first, the leaves served as a mask. Then a headdress. Then as brooms to sweep pine needles. Then, (with a little prompting on my part) they reached their true potential: wings.

With the lift of new life, he flew. Those wings carried him home – even though, just moments before, he didn’t think he could make it another step.


I am deeply thankful and honored to present my little ones with treasures and tools that give lift so we can return to Heavenly Father. Yes, even the gifts that uplift us when we don’t think we can make it another step.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, an apostle of the Lord (and retired pilot) said:

“Dictionaries describe lift something like the following: to carry or direct from a lower to a higher position; the power or force available for raising to a new level or altitude; a force acting in an upward direction, opposing the pull of gravity.

… The Psalmist sets the goals even higher: ‘Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul’ (Ps. 25:1) and ‘I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help’ (Ps. 121:1). He invites you to fly with the eagles, not to scratch with the chickens.”

Eternal treasures come with eternal power that uplift our spirits and elevate our perspective. With an elevated perspective, we have no desire to scratch with chickens – we only want to fly with eagles.

These tools lie all along the path home, but it’s up to us to pick them up, identify them and then use the treasures and tools as they’re designed and intended. (They aren’t for sweeping the floor with!) Only then can heaven’s treasures (and the users of those treasures) reach their ultimate potential for good.

One of the most powerful treasures Heavenly Father offers as aid along our journey home is the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost testifies of Him, directs us to Him and witnesses unto us if our footsteps align with His path and His plan for us.

I love how President Uchtdorf describes the Holy Ghost when he says:

“The Holy Ghost will be the wind beneath your wings …” and

“As the Holy Ghost visits your own spirit, you become stronger than you are by yourself.”

Read Pres. Uchtdorf’s entire BYU speech here.

The Spirit is as quiet as wind beneath our wings – and powerful enough to lift us up against the natural falling force of gravity. Have you ever noticed how when His Spirit speaks to our spirit, we are energized and rejuvenated!? I LOVE that! That is why we can read scriptures, pour out our souls in prayer, listen to uplifting music and walk away with a new get-up-and-go in our gait. Suddenly we think we can make it – and we want to!

Through the Spirit, God shares His strength – and that is how we become stronger than we are by ourselves. That is how we can face the uphill and exhausting challenges. That is how we return home to Him.

What other treasures give you spiritual strength?

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  • Julie

    Going to the temple is a treasure that gives me strength.. A mini vacation from a busy day, where my mind hears the promptings of the Holy Ghost and I feel the Savior’s love…

    • JesPoe

      Absolutely! That sacred and heavenly refuge is a treasure on earth! Thanks for sharing!

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