4 favorite scriptures & quotes for seeing Him in our To Do lists

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to lead three round table discussions at SALT Retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah. Glowing women packed the Marriot’s conference ballroom – each with their own story, their own passions, and their own problems. But one things’ the same, no matter who we are or what stage of life we’re in – we have a To Do list!

So I had the women in my group break away from the bliss of the conference and write down items waiting for them on their To Do list when they got home. It may have been a little painful, but we all know that the best learning environments are usually outside of a classroom setting – so we had to bring the real world stuff in.

After 30 seconds of hashing out the upcoming happenings, the women circled any items on their To Do list that would repeat at some point. Like laundry. Laundry is never a “one and done” … come to my house if you’d like proof.

Now, I know there’s reason to the repetitiveness. Our routines are more than just some unfortunate tumbling trick to mess with us – there is Truth to be found in patterns and routines. And by Truth, I mean Christ.

So we turned to some of my favorite scriptures … and they turned our eyes and hearts to our To Do list in a whole new way. Check them out:


I know it takes practice and time to see the spiritual when you’re actually IN the moment. Especially when we stand deep in the trenches of dishwashing, and toilet scrubbing and laundry folding. But I know the effort is worth it. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass – and by our eyes being opened and looking and pondering and spiritually seeking, we will be strengthened and enabled to recognize the spiritual lessons and love notes that Heavenly Father has placed all around us. We will be more able to FIND HIM and FEEL HIM, and then with that we will be able to SHARE HIM with those we love and teach.

In fact, it makes sharing Him simple and fun! We can say to our loved ones, “Hey, I was playing fetch with the dog the other day and I noticed … and that led to this thought … and that led to my heart … “ and the Christ-centered conversations take off at full speed!


I also know that as we practice FINDING and FEELING HIM in the small, everyday moments, we’ll be more equipped to do so in the big, bad, ugly moments too. More on that in another post … let’s just say it’s been a big year. And Christ has been there through it all!

What favorite scriptures help you find, feel and share Him!? Have you had any everyday moments lately that have led to Christ-centered conversations? Please share in the comments section!

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