Find the divine details in your day-to-day mothering
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Why, hello there!
Come on in! This is a perfect place to refresh and refocus.

My Book

Pure joy flows when I feel Him near …. hear His whispers …
and  see my daily doings as He would.

By identifying divinity in the details, I not only feel inspired, but rejuvenated and refocused too – especially when I’m in the rush of a blurry hectic life. That’s why I call myself a mother, believer and collector of details … and that’s why I want to share my collection with you. We can all benefit from a moment to refocus and rejuvenate, right?

My Beliefs

As a convert to my Church, I’ve felt a spiritual fire surge through my veins and absolutely change my heart. That same spirit – His Spirit – ignites my soul whenever I soak up Truth. In my big dream, I hope readers can feel a similar spark – one that comes with ideas, energy and determination to deepen our earthly experiences and perspectives.

About Me

Almost 9 years ago, a heaven-sent idea floated near my head and I grabbed it … well, it grabbed me. I remember staring in the bathroom mirror and praying that the inspiration and desire would stick. Hundreds of naptime writing sessions later, and countless MOMents of clarity, the book idea blossomed into reality.

So, what is a MOMent? And how do you get one? Well …

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