We like your lights!

 In Christ, Christmas

Look around. How many lights you can see – right from where you are, right now?
This time of year, strands of lights adorn trees (inside and out), homes, bushes and businesses. The whole world feels wrapped up in more light than normal. It’s a light we can feel, as well as see – and I love it!

Last week in Sunday School class, I asked the teenage boys I teach about who they look to as messengers of Light – people they have met face-to-face. Two of the students named the same person – some guy they know from their high school. They said this kid simply radiates. He’s a big, strong guy and could choose to be a tough bully if he wanted to, but instead is a gentle giant looking out for others. They called him an angel. I asked if they have told him that they notice his light? They said no … not yet. (I’m hoping they’ll report next week that they’ve told him!)

If we notice light – let’s celebrate it!

In celebration of the festive and meaningful lights of the season –  which represent the Light of the World – our family started a simple tradition: We tell people that we like their lights! Basically, we wear warm clothes, bring cups of hot chocolate in the car and drive around to admire Christmas lights. When a member of our family sees a house that has lights worth celebrating, we pull over and deliver a card and candy cane. The note has a poem explaining our antics and shares the website for the Light the World program. People have asked me to share the note so they could join in the celebration as well – whoo hoo! I’ll attach it here. Feel free to use it!

DOWNLOAD HERE:    Christmas _ We like your lights

I love to see the variety of lit-up homes my kiddos select to celebrate. Some have large, grandeur displays that rock out to music, others are small and simple strands of lights framing a nativity scene. All have light – and that’s what counts.

Our lights shine in different ways too. We display them differently, hang our strands in different formations, pick different colors and patterns. That’s beautiful! It’s the light that counts. The Light is what matters.

May you feel filled with Light as you celebrate His shining ways!

Merry Christmas!


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