About Me

So, I’m Jessica Poe … a mother, writer and collector of details. I’m a homeschooler by day and freelance writer by naptime. My family and I live under the lively green trees of Oregon, where we learn and grow together. It’s a magical place. My heart flutters for bird watching, berry picking and basking in small, natural moments … And most of the time, you can find me surrounded by words – either reading, speaking or writing them.

Although I’m a first-time novelist, I’ve spent the last decade writing professionally for healthcare systems across the nation. Prior to freelancing, I worked as a communications specialist for Intermountain Healthcare, earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Brigham Young University, and slept in on Saturdays for as long as I wanted … and then I underwent a magnificent mothering metamorphosis.

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My Family


With that, I’m pleased to introduce you to three of the most adorable and inspiring children I know:

Avery leads our pack. She’s outgoing, faithful, driven and ready for action. Her sparkling eyes and understanding heart are a pleasure to be around.

Anna is our sweet snuggly panda. She’s empathetic and loyal; and when she’s in the mood, her cackling giggles and no-holding-back antics are wildly contagious.

Eli keeps us on our toes. He’s everyone’s energetic buddy, he’s stinkin’ smart and quite the charmer. His enthusiasm for life, transparent feelings and sneaky kisses melt me on a daily basis.

And I can’t forget my sweetheart. If you want to know me, you want to know him … Meet the hubby: He’s the peace to my storm, and the ship to my anchor. He’s reliable, faith-filled and motivated by fun. He supports my big ideas and convinces me to step outside my comfort boxes and into exciting adventures. I love his rock-solid testimony, his natural ability to relate with anyone, and how lucky he is (he’s that guy who consistently wins random contests!) … and even though it’s cliché, with him around, I feel like the lucky one.

Aren’t families amazing!? They’re the reason we’re on this Earth, and they’re the main characters in our heaven-sent, personalized life lessons. So, here’s to seeing our family members and family moments with His sight.

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