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For the last several years I’ve convinced my fam to dress in Halloween themes that correlate with our homeschool studies. Last year we soared as the solar system – it was out of this world. The year before that, we stood as able-bodied bodies, with labeled organs, bones and such – you would have loved our guts.

This year we emulated characters with character. Each kiddo selected an individual from history to learn more about …. We studied their struggles and challenges (yes, everyone has them!) … We learned about their talents and skills (yes, everyone has those too!) … and then each child identified ways they could infuse more of their character’s amiable characteristics into daily life.

The activity uplifted me, and I think it impacted them too. I love what they wrote in their school journals, and thought I’d share ….

So, may I introduce:


Cleo 2_small

“I chose Cleopatra because she was very smart. When Julius Caesar came to Alexandria, she sent him gifts. One of the gifts was a big carpet. When he unrolled the carpet, inside was Cleopatra! If a guard would have seen her come in, he would have killed her. I can be smart by solving my problems in math.”


Joan of Arc.

Joan of Arc_small

“Joan was 13 when she heard a voice. It told her to save France. It came back to her three times. So she went to save France. She won her first battle and got wounded once. Another time someone took her off her horse. Later she died. Why I picked Joan is because she is brave. I can be brave by talking to people about my religion and by being a missionary.”

Sir Lancelot, Knight of the Round Table.

Sir Lancelot_Small

“Knights of the Round Table were strong and powerful, and they know that you are supposed to do the truth. They help people when getting attacked or if something bad is in their land. I can be like a Knight of the Round Table by not being scared.”


Oh, how I love their willingness to shoot for the stars. They see the good in others and desire to apply it personally …. And oh, how much good I see in them, and want to apply it to me!

Who is the student and who is the teacher? It’s hard to tell so much of the time.

Here’s to studying and surrounding ourselves with characters filled with true character.


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