Pay attention. Where am I?

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I’m in Costco – kidless. That’s a holiday for me, so I take time strolling aisles. I even pick up one lone sample – which feels awesome. I always feel too guilty to grab myself a sample after I’ve fed my littles, so usually I just snag three and then live vicariously through my children as they gobble their goodies. It’s an especially busy Costco day – maybe people are getting prepped for Father’s Day? – but I feel no sense of bustle … I maintain a hazy gaze of grocery shopping bliss.

After casually checking out, I spot a father with two children at his feet, maneuvering through the labyrinth with a single purchased item in hand. For some reason they stick out of the crowd for me, and I watch the dad hand the receipt to the doorman and press forward with his daughter close behind. His son, on the other hand, is caught up in the scent of polish dogs and his own people watching. The crowd swallows him up just as the father spins around. When the Dad spots the boy’s red baseball cap, he calls out to the boy. In a loud voice he warns, “Son, pay attention to where you are!”

“Pay attention to where you are …. Pay attention to where you are …” the words echo.
Where am I?
No, think bigger – much bigger.

I’m on earth. This is my chance, this is my time. It’s my one earthly life to live, my one span of testing and trying. Am I paying attention to where I am? Am I distracted by the delicious smells and sights of bustling people?

In today’s fast paced world, it’s easy to become distracted or consumed by the crowd. I’ve got to straighten up and keep my eyes on the goal – my Heavenly Father, who stands at the door beckoning. “His hand is stretched out still” (Isaiah 5:25) and his voice is “calling me by name” (JSH 1:17). I must pay attention and “hear Him” (Mark 9:7).

What helps you stay focused on where we are and why we’re here?

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