He’s in the divine details

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Her little hand unfurls to reveal a tiny, perfect bloom. “Look what I found!” her cuteness bubbling over. The delicate petals are just as petite as she is – and as pure white too.

I give her a quick, “Oh yeah, that’s cute…” and continue in my conversation.

She lingers near, cradling her treasure …
“Want to take a picture of it?” she asks.

I cheerfully oblige … and then forget about it …

tiny flower 2
Until this morning. In the stillness, with sunshine slits crossing window sills, His Spirit struck me with the significance of last night’s mini-moment.

See, she’s doing the exact thing I’m striving for – and I didn’t even notice! She’s looking for the divine details that He places all around us. She’s identifying the little things … the things that speak to our souls and let us know He’s near … like perfection in a tiny flower. Perhaps it told her that even though she’s a tiny thing, she can be beautiful and pure and perfect also – because things like that actually exist! In fact, her perfect little hand was holding one of those perfect little creations … and He created that beauty, just as He created her.

Once she’s awake, I’ll check in with her to see if that’s what she was thinking … and if not, it’ll be a beautiful way to start the day – with conversations about His love for her and His presence in her life.

He truly is in the divine details of our daily life. Our challenge (MY challenge!) is to cut out the unnecessary, in order to see more clearly … to cancel out the commotion buzzing around my head and focus … focus on family … focus on feeling … focus on loving and serving … focus on Him. He’s there. He’s in those tiny temporal details, just waiting to teach us those big spiritual lessons.

When’s the last time you felt His teachings?
What were you doing and how did He use that moment as a teaching tool? I’d love to hear!!


P.S. I’ve been putting final touches on my book about the divine details in our daily life … I’m getting excited for the next stage in this publishing journey (editing)! Thanks for following along!

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