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Everyday MOMents is officially available for purchase! It’s sweet and surreal, and I’m delighted to share the book with you!

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During the writing process, I felt as if Heavenly Father had me write a story-telling instruction manual for myself – and He was gifting me with the words and ideas and stories as I put forth the effort. He taught me how to see the divine details in my everyday mama moments. And though I often say, “If this only helps one person, it’ll be worth it …” I quickly change that to, “If it only helps two people …” – because the first person it changed was obliviously me.

Tears stream down my face when I hear from people who have felt touched, inspired or changed by the book. Some of the accounts are just too personal to share – they’re not my stories to tell – but WOW, as I’ve listened, I’ve been extremely humbled and honored to be a small “mouse in the corner” of their lives.

And because today’s the actual launch day, I want to give you faithful followers a free treat!

Below is a free study guide download to go with Eveyrday MOMents!

Simply enter your email address below to download the free study guide for Everyday MOMents. After you enter it, scroll back to this spot in the article and click on the link.

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free study guide
I worked with the lovely Jamie Johnson at to create it. (Thank you, Jamie!!! And by the way, you’ll love her faith-filled hand-lettered prints, her beautiful words and her gorgeous home décor photos!)

The Everyday MOMents study guide includes the same questions and prompts that follow the chapters in the book, but in a printable format so you can brainstorm, doodle and write all the personalized promptings that pop to your mind.

The more I write down my goals and promptings, the more likely I’ll remember them … And if I set those goals and promptings in an eye-catching location, the likeliness increases significantly!

I imagine this free study guide will be useful for gathering book clubs and individual study sessions alike. And I’d love to hear how you plan to use it! I also love hearing about the everyday MOMents that become apparent in your life – so please share! In fact, you can use the hashtag “#MyEverydayMOMents” if you choose to share your stories on social media.

Perhaps as you share your everyday moments, others will feel inspired and their eyes will open a little more, and then they will see their MOMents and share with others … and the inspiration will continue to grow and Heavenly Father’s influence will continue to be felt growing too. That’s the dream, baby … thank you for playing a crucial part of the dream!

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