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 In gratitude

Today, I sit like this squirrel: full and content.

squirrel square 2

In fact, this fuzzy forest creature was so full and content that he didn’t show any desire to move, in order to avoid his picture being taken. As I crept closer and closer, clicking my camera, he simply gripped his mushroom and nibbled on. Seriously, have you ever seen such a round squirrel? I wanted to roll him down the log and stroke his golden belly fur (but I didn’t). Although my physical fullness on this Thanksgiving Day stems from food, just as our fat and happy squirrel friend, my spiritual fullness is founded on thankfulness and admiration for my Savior and my God. Everywhere I look, I see His heavenly hand blessing, shaping and guiding our lives. I see Him aligning hearts; gifting blessings that can then be passed as blessings to others; and teaching me through small and simple everyday nuisances.

Yes, I feel oh so full.
I feel so satisfied and sanctified by Him, that I cannot want anything else. Hence, like the squirrel, I also feel content. But this contentment displays differently than our sluggish squirrel. This contentment comes with courage, and it encourages motion.

As David O. McKay said,
“Thankfulness is measured by words, gratitude is measured by the nature of our actions.”

To make sure our thankful words are truly heard, we must walk the walk. We must go and do – as He did.
Courageous contentment comes when the thanks fills our souls beyond the brim, and the gratitude seeps over into acts of service.

As much as I’d like to “repay Him” with good deeds done in His behalf, I’ll never come close to deleting my debt … but I will come closer, as in closer to Him.
And even then, the service for Him ends up benefiting me.

It’s this beautiful and eternally nourishing circle:
The closer we get to Him, the more of His goodness we see …
and the more His hand in our lives is revealed, the more thankful we feel …
and as courageous contentment and gratitude grows, so does our service …
which brings us closer to Him …
which helps us see Him more clearly …

We see His good –> we feel grateful   –> we serve Him  –> we come closer to Him –> we see His good –>

He never ceases to amaze me with His goodness and gifts. I am so thankful. I am full.

Squirrel square 1


*And may I say, I am thankful for you too … whoever is reading this … thank YOU! I am floored by the support and sweetness. I am humbled that anyone would even want to read my rambling thoughts. I am thankful He teaches me through the small and simple things, and feel it an honor to share His lessons here. Love you and thank you!

Two invitations:
1. Take a moment to identify someone you’re thankful for and share this post/site/message with him or her.  Sharing brings such joy.
2. What fills you? Leave a comment about what you’re thankful for – the kind of thankful that fills you to the brim and leaves you with courageous contentment. 🙂

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