Taking note of His love notes

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A love note appeared on my bathroom counter last week. It read, “I’m soooo thankful you’re my mom.” I instinctively smiled wide … and then wrote back. The next time I came to the bathroom a new note appeared – this time accompanied with a squiggly smiley face. I responded with a hearty doodle and mini-message. The cycle continued all week while my husband was out of town. I actually looked forward to going to the bathroom, so I could see the latest letter. On the last morning of my hubby’s business trip, the final note read, “We can do this!” I took a deep breath, knowing that with my thoughtful children by my side, we could do it.

The experience left me thinking about the power of love notes – and all the places they can be found.

This time of year, it’s as if love notes are literally littering from the sky. Their colorful expressions fall at my feet like confetti. They make me want to skip forward, kicking up the colors as I go.

falling leaves_small

I also see love notes in the form of sympathetic smiles, nodding heads and listening ears. I feel the love in reverent homes and rare quiet moments, as well as the blustery busy ones. Yes, it seems these heaven-sent love letters come in the form of people, places and things all around.

And because it’s the season of gratitude, I must ask myself if I’m taking note of His love notes.

“And now, I ask, what great blessings has he bestowed upon us? Can ye tell?” – Alma 26:2

This scripture squeezed into my heart about a year ago – and has been embracing me since.

can ye tell

Can I tell? Do I notice? Do I see, feel and identify His love notes?

… And when I do take note, how do I respond?

During a recent family night, I handed out a tiny chocolate circle to each child and asked them to take my gift without looking at me and without thanking me for it. Then I did it again, and asked them to look me in the eye, smile and say thank you. I asked what it felt like each way … and my littlest said that the chocolate actually tasted better when he said thank you. I believe it.

His blessings taste, appear and feel sweeter when we have an attitude of gratitude.

When Christ healed the ten lepers and only one responded with verbal praise, Christ noticed. He notices my responses (or lack thereof) too. The healed leper responded with a gratitude attitude worth repeating.

The Bible says, “And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back and with a loud voice glorified God” (Luke 17:15).

The three verbs in that scripture teach me how to respond to God’s love: 
1.) He saw that he was healed. This leper had eyes that could see – and I believe that’s on a spiritual level, as well as a physical one (just as the healing was on a spiritual level, as well as a physical one).
2.) He turned toward Christ. In this case, the leper turned back – because that’s where Christ stood. For me, I must turn Up – as in elevating my thoughts and heart toward Him and His ways.
3.) He glorified God. In all things, Christ gave the glory to the Father. It is no coincidence that so did the healed leper. And so must I.

Can ye tell? Can ye see? Can ye turn? Can ye glorify?

falling leaves 2_small

I know we want to!
I know we can!
I know His love notes are all around – and that He notices if we notice, and how we respond.

And I echo my daughter’s love note, “We can do this!”

What heaven-sent love notes have you noted today?!? Do share!

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  • Christine

    Ella called my cell phone because I was late getting to her house to stay with her and Kingston. She said “Grandma I noticed it was past time for you to be here and I was worried about you!” My love note!

    • JesPoe

      How sweet – she noticed and she cared. It feels good to be noticed and cared about! Thanks for sharing, Christine!

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