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They look into their own eyes – the ones captured in this photo – while reciting these sacred words:

“They were young; and their minds were firm; and they did put their trust in God continually.” (Alma 57:27)

And it feels as if those words were written especially for them – to describe them as they are, and as how they can be.

This was our most recent Scripture of the Week … our newest, dear friend. It greeted us each morning at breakfast, and joined us at the table for every meal to follow. It reminds us and inspires us – of who we are and who we want to be.

We’ve been memorizing scriptures weekly for about three years. That doesn’t mean a new scripture each week; it just means there’s a Scripture of the Week (possibly on repeat). This effort has helped us learn Articles of Faith, has taught us key principles of the Gospel and has kept our minds thinking about sacred things.

Sometimes a word is spoken, and my little ones instinctively spout off a scripture associated with that word. I absolutely love it when that happens! It delighteth my soul.

Just think of the potential for good that can come from linking words to specific Holy Scriptures! I pray that someday, when faced with trials and tricky situations, a words will be used to jog our memories – words that will link us to the exact scripture solution needed.

I’m a lover of words – especially sacred words. Words that testify of divinity and bring His Spirit into our soul. I delight in them most when they reside within me.

Many people have recently set a goal to focus on a scripture each week – so I’m thinking we’ll share ours on a frequent basis. Or at least some of our favorites.

Will you do the same?

Which verses speak to your soul lately?


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