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I made a New Year’s resolution to write a record of spiritual experiences in my life. That started 8 years ago; and it deepened my understanding and appreciation of the divine in my daily doings. The document is still going on my computer – it’s lengthy, treasured and proof of His hand in my life. I love it. Plus, it may be the one and only New Year’s Resolutions that I’ve kept and continue to keep.

Like most people, the making of resolutions isn’t difficult … it’s the endurance part. This year, the resolutions revolve in my mind at high-speed … but I’m noticing a single word that can string them all together: Quality. 

Running quickly through life may cover a lot of ground … it may look or feel like I’m accomplishing much … but often it’s simply surface-deep instead of soul-deep. I need more quality to encourage the coverage to excavate internally … and I’m looking for quality tools and tips to take me to the next level.  

For example, a major resolution I’m making is to increase the quality of scripture study (this includes my personal study, husband/wife study, family study and my kiddos’ individual study). I realize I need to make significant changes to see significant results (that applies to anything – right?!) I also realize others are probably much further along than I am – and I need their insights and tools! 

Thankfully, others have trucked forward, crafting resources for others and sharing their quality advice. Like, Author Elizabeth Dorathy, who created two books to help children more personally apply the sacred words of scripture, specifically for the Book of Mormon.

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The book, Scripture Power! Book of Mormon Journal for Children, is aimed at a younger age – I’m guessing between 7 and 11 years old. While, My Witness of Jesus Christ: Book of Mormon Journal for Youth, targets 12 years and up. The books ask age-appropriate and insightful question for each chapter in the Book of Mormon and provide space for answers to be written in.

For example, in for 2 Nephi 16:1 and 8, Scripture Power! says, “Isaiah had a vision where he sees the Lord. The Lord asks if someone will do some work for Him, and Isaiah volunteers. Write about a time you volunteered for a hard job.”

I can just imagine the conversations that could stem from this question … and maybe even the future volunteering that could happen because of the conversation! 🙂

Here’s an example of a question from My Witness of Jesus Christ; it’s for Alma 3:

“The Amlicites mark themselves so people know they are not believers. What sort of ‘marks’ or outward signs do you have that show people that you ARE a believer?”

Ponder that question for a moment …. surely, these questions are applicable and inspiring for any age!

For New Years, my seven-year-old will receive Scripture Power!, and my 10-year-old will receive My Witness of Jesus Christ.  I also plan to use them during our family scripture study. I hope that having these questions readily available will spark sweet and spiritual conversations (and decrease the frequency of seven-mile-stares) on a more regular basis.

Now that I’ve shared those two tools I’ve found … I want to ask for your tips and tools for husband/wife scripture study and individual adult scripture study too! What makes the difference for you!? We need your insights and experience! Have you discovered quality tools that have made an impact on quality!?


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