Pockets of perspective

 In faith

roadtripI had sat nose-in-phone, unaware of our surroundings for quite some time … when I finally looked up, I noticed my hubby leaning over the steering wheel and squinting. “See those dark clouds way out there? We’re driving through a storm next,” he warned.

Our return road trip had been picturesque thus far … we’d been cradled between mountains and farmlands for at least 4 hours … but apparently, it was time for rougher road. Within 20 minutes, those dark clouds swirled, swarmed and surrounded us. Alex’s prediction proved spot-on … and all he could do, as our dutiful driver, was grip the steering wheel … and all I could do was brace myself and trust the driver.

Ever felt like that in life? I sure have. In fact, we’ve been enjoying sunny days for several seasons, but now see  storm clouds looming ahead. Thankfully, we have an all-knowing and all-loving Driver. It’s time to brace myself and trust Him.

storm 4

Once the raindrops began to drop, they dropped hard. The downpour dumped fat, fast and furious buckets upon us. I was impressed by the power, and overcome by the loudness. The rain raged so much that we couldn’t hear each other well, even though we sat within arm’s length. It was as if we were soloing the storm as splatters stretched over the windshield … it forced us to peer through small pockets of clarity in the windshield.

In the midst of powerful storms, we must search out small pockets of clarity … pockets of perspective … pockets of peace.


Lightning flashed, trailing across the dark sky. Grumbling thunder followed. We couldn’t tell who was shouting louder – the earth or our kids? Our trio whooped and hollered because they actually enjoyed the bursting storm … they enjoyed it because they didn’t fear it. They knew we had a safe vehicle to protect us, a trustworthy driver to navigate and that the storm would soon pass.

This too will pass. I remind myself to be like a little child … to trust … trust that the journey is for our good … trust the tools He offers for protection … and trust in Him to navigate the path. He knows the way … He IS the way.

My munchkins were right, of course – we were safe; and joy was an option in the journey. Just a few moments later, the deafening downpour decreased in intensity. Soon, only droplets danced against a blue-skied background … Soon, the trees deepened their green … the birds brightened their song of praise … and pillars of sunshine shot through the clouds in a glorious exhibit of His love.

He knows when we are in the midst of storms … and He allows those storms because they can deepen our testimony and brighten our songs of praise … and above all, He does everything because He loves us. He is there … and He wants to get us there too … to get us to Him.

sun rays

May we find joy in the journey – even those dark, stormy road trips. May we look through pockets of perspective, when the rains pour down. May the storm pass, and reveal His glorious works – in our lives and the world around us.


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  • Suzy baird

    Jessica I am praying for your sweet Dad! We left Oregon 8 years ago but we haven’t forgotten our Julie and Roger. They were our favorites!!!!
    We have loved the Christmas cards—to see them and you and James and your growing families. So precious!
    GIVE YOUR MOM AND DAD OUR LOVE and know that we love and miss you all!
    Suzy and Roger

    • JesPoe

      Suzy, I’m so glad you wrote!! We miss you! My mom and dad say hello and send their love too! 🙂

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