Peace be with you.

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Peace be with you. I grew up Catholic, and at an appointed time in mass we’d turn to those in surrounding pews and shake hands. We’d smile and say to strangers, friends and family alike those words – “Peace be with you.” Really, it’s a beautiful ritual. Imagine if we turned to our troublemakers right now and sincerely expressed that same wish: Peace be with you.

We all want more peace in our lives. I can’t think of a person in this world who would say, “Oh, I’m good on peace – plenty of that going around.”  Instead, we’re more like frantically shopping for a piece of peace … which isn’t too successful. We’ve all seen frantic shoppers – they’re selfish.

Thing is, there’s only One who can offer the kind of peace that overcomes this world. There’s no need to shop around … and His graceful peace is available to all, so no need for frantic flailing. The Prince of Peace constantly calls our name, so we know where to go. His hand is continuously outreached, so we know what to do (grab hold).

For Lent, I’ve been memorizing a document called The Living Christ. I wanted to add more words of Him to my mind’s reservoir, as it testifies of His reality, purpose and plan. I work on memorizing it while I’m on the treadmill …. the words and belt cycle round as my legs and spirit try to keep pace. I recite it in the bathroom mirror while prepping for the day … trying to see more of Him in me. And at night, when worries of my continuous slip ups stall sleep, I practice more. Words of Him strengthen and soothe my soul. Words are powerful. His words connect our fallen state with heavenly Him … and by thinking of Him, I think less of myself. The inner-turmoil transforms into faith and hope on eternal things.

There’s no coincidence that a white flag flies as a symbol for surrendering, and a white dove flies as a symbol of peace. White is an absence of color … and it’s when we surrender the colored blemishes of our vices and our wills that we become cleansed with lasting peace. Our sorrows and stains can be blotted out by the Him … the Prince of Peace.

He died so there are no permanent dyes on our soul. We can feel white … we can feel peace.
Have you seen this Prince of Peace video, just in time for Easter? Take a look:


So my sweet online friends, may I say this from the bottom of my heart: “Peace be with you!”
May you feel Him and His love cleanse you from any unwanted hues.

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