Lessons from little explorers

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Black igneous rocks jutted out of the sand, and though I thoughtlessly considered them just a harsh contrast against the ocean landscape … the children thoughtfully considered them an adventure.

Barefoot and brave, they began their ascent. They didn’t mind the sharp corners or the impending risk of falling … they were focused on conquering the challenge. They believed the reward outweighed the risk – and more importantly, they believed they could do it.

Coast _ explore 2
I noticed that each climbed as far as they felt comfortable – pushing themselves, but practically. The bigger ones who reached the top didn’t gloat; but basked in the light and height of the successful undertaking. The smaller ones climbed smaller heights, and appeared equally satisfied with their accomplishments.

Coast_Explore 2

And when it was time to come down – their feet flattened the sand at the same time. They all bounded back to the beach blankets safely and together. I love how they all wore smiles on their faces and wind-blown sand in their hair. It was clear that they had had an adventure.

Oh, the examples our little ones teach us – about exploring, balancing, stretching ourselves and teamwork.

We’re all striving to climb higher – to Him – and we’re all at unique places in our lives … That applies within our families, church, relationships, work, etc. … and it’s better than just ok to be that way – because it’s truly His way. He places us perfectly, around imperfect people – each in a different stage of development. He does so purposefully … there is order and precision in our placement. It’s all going according to His perfect plan. He wants us to do our best – whatever that may be – and then to be happy with our efforts (and with the efforts of those around us).

So for today, here’s my take away: It’s perfectly perfect for us to have different abilities and different heights … teamwork can exist even when we’re at different elevations.

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