How much do you love me?

 In change, Lent

Five on the bed; where one pajama ends the next begins. It’s a lazy Sunday morning {gotta love the afternoon church schedule}, and we’re nuzzling as long as possible – delaying the inevitable roll from warm blankets to cold floors.  Our little ones squirm and wrestle, using their full body weight to obtain the perfect snuggle spot. Sure, they make it slightly less comfortable but definitely more lively. We chat about nothing in particular as the light shines from slits between blinds.  It’s blissful not following an agenda or lesson plan. Eli’s bright brown eyes catch mine.

“Mom, how much do you love me?”  he randomly asks.

“More than chicken,” I reply goofily.

Giggles erupt.

“More than pirates?” asks my mini-matey.

“Oh yes.”

“More than pandas?” asks my snuggle bear.

“Oh yes.”

“More than princesses, and pixie dust and pink unicorns?” asks my fairy-tale dreamer.

“Oh yes.”

“More than sugar?” someone spouts.

Ah, they got me … they named my weak spot.

Of course, I do love them more than sugar … but could I, would I live without the ‘white wonder’ in behalf of them? If I had to, yes. But only if I had to.

How much do I love the Savior? Do I love him more than __{enter a spiritual weak spot here}__? Could I, would I, live without that in behalf of Him? Would I do it willingly – not because I had to?!

Lent’s approaching. I was raised Catholic, and admire the tradition’s 40 days and 40 nights of scheduled sacrifice – preparing, pondering, letting go of grievances. It’s time to participate – it starts this Wednesday!

Let’s select something to forgo to show our love for the Savior – or something to add in! I wish to delete something that’s holding me back from progressing or add something that would delight Him and polish me. I wish to show Him how much I love Him. I invite you to join in too.

Let’s make our wishes reality … let’s do Lent together.

Who’s in?!?!

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  • Debi

    I want in!

    • JesPoe

      Yay! So happy you’re here and “in”! 🙂

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