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The more I learn, the more I realize I know nothing … and the more I clean, the more I realize my house is filthy. Filthy.

I kinda wish I could hire someone with a stopwatch to follow me around for a day and track exactly how much time I spend cleaning. … but really, between sweeping crumbs, scrubbing scum, wiping bums, brushing teeth, washing hands, doing dishes, bath time, laundry time and tidy time, there’s really not time for too much else. When I think of cleaning, its symbol is obvious: repentance. We need to clean our spirit too. But for me, the real lesson is about frequency. I am not cleaning spiritually as often as I am cleaning temporally – and trust me, I need to be!

One more thought: Cleaning is a pretty humble job. I mean, how haughty can you get in not-at-all-haute couture rubber gloves and suds? It requires tools, time and elbow grease – no wonton eyes or tinkling jewelry. Heavenly Father is urging me to focus, put my shoulder to the wheel and clean on … frequently.

So, I think it’s time for me to up the ante – to clean {my house & my soul}more thoroughly, more often and with more gusto. Maybe I can even be cheerful as I scrub away the sins and soil – instead of kicking myself and getting upset about the filth that’s crept in.

It seems that I enjoy cleaning the most when I have upbeat music playing, my hair in a messy bun, and my little munchkins busy at work beside me. Their favorite jobs are: cleaning mirrors and windows, dusting and washing the piano keys. I can even get them to vacuum and clean floors if I have the right motivation waiting for them once the job is complete. I think the lesson is for me to remember my most eternal and purposeful motivation, to be cheerful, surrounded by support and … to get cleaning! Time to focus and get busy.

Any tips for making the most of frequent clean-fest sessions?





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  • Gail Fage

    The more I read your stories the more you teach my inner spirit to grow.

  • Nancy Crum

    I was just thinking about how much I clean my house on a daily bases. The laundry is never done and dish are always in the sink. Unless, I do a end of the night clean sweep before I go to bed there is always something to be put away in the morning from the night before. Which is funny because night time is the time I take to reflect on how my day went and if I need to repent. I know if I don’t so both the night before the next day is even harder to get motivated and be happy for the next day. Thanks for the reminder to get back on task and start cleaning!

    • JesPoe

      Aw, Nancy! I love the idea of an end-of-the-day sweep {spiritually & physically}. Thank you, thank you!

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