Feeling drenched? Read this for those downpour dog days

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It’s raining cats and dogs here … and the dog is feeling it. Milo, our normally fluffy and spunky golden doodle pup returned looking like a drenched and depressed little mutt after his walk in the wind and rain. Doesn’t he look pathetic? Those eyes … that hair …

So wet_4x6

I can totally relate to that pathetic look. The wind and the rains of the world swirl up during the storms of life. There is no escaping the downpour. And it can feel nearly impossible to avoid becoming drenched … and even a little depressed by the constant grey, gushing skies. We often find ourselves feeling pathetic and needing a warm, dry, big blanket to wrap ourselves up in. (In fact, I may daydream about climbing into a giant’s arms … perhaps that’s why I found myself such a tall husband. Ha!).

After a short snuggle in the safety of his owner’s arms, Milo taught us a lesson about what to do next …

Shake it off_Square


Yup, he shook it off. He moved – and oh, how he moved! He woke himself from the sleepy snuggle and then he twisted and turned with a sudden burst of energy that worked all the way up his body from his tail to the tip of his nose. It was impressive and gave me imagery to the following scripture:

“Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion … shake thyself from the dust; arise and sit down, O Jerusalem …” (Isaiah 52:1-2).

I don’t think I’ll ever read that scripture without picturing Milo’s moves. With his sudden shake off, he was ready to rise up and run again. He felt strong and smiley and playful, instead of pathetic. Milo was Milo again … well, almost.

Even though he shook off the first layer like a champ, he still needed a good blow dry.

So blow dry already_square

That heat works wonders, doesn’t it!? No wonder Heavenly Father applies heat to our lives – during and after the storms. We can repent and shake and move about as obediently as possible, but we still need Him – desperately. He is our Master Stylist. He refines and polishes us, enabling us to become our best selves. The only problem is, Milo often runs from the heat. He darts from corner to corner of the bathroom, avoiding the hot air. The process takes so much longer that way. But I’ve noticed something lately, he’s learning to like it – for short amounts of time. He’ll lay low and let the air flow do its job … he’s building up endurance. Sound familiar? Oh the lessons Milo teaches us.

As we build up our endurance and welcome the heat, we will speed up the process … we will eventually (EVENTUALLY) become more perfect.

So smiling

Ah, now isn’t that just picture perfect? I swear it’s the same dog. He lightens up when dry … on so many levels.


So, for all the mamas feeling stuck out in the rain … know He loves you and has a plan for you. There is a purpose for the precipitation and the cleanup/warm up process.

What helps you get from that pathetic look to the picture perfect smile?
And how do you stop darting away from the heat, and begin enduring it (and even enjoying it)?


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  • Gail Fage

    Another fun inspirational true life experience story. Appreciate all you share on your blog.

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