Fear not, little flock

 In Christ, faith

“Fear not, little flock … do good.” – D&C 6:34

This scripture hangs in our downstairs bathroom, and brings smiles, comfort and “you-can-do-it” whisperings whenever I see it.

I adore that Christ calls us His little flock. His tender name for us proves His intention for us to be one unit. He is the One who can calmly give the counsel to not fear …. To not fear the world … the hate … the mess ups … the mean … the evil or the evil one. He knows – He’s been there before … He’s been here before.

Because He knows, He tells us to live in faith and joy (the opposite of fear) and to spread that love, happiness, hope and joy – His love, happiness, hope and joy – by doing good.

We can all do good. We’re all capable and qualified for doing His kind of good. Isn’t that an amazing honor? We come from Him, can learn of Him and can represent Him on earth … wow.

We can do His good by simply doing His will … by doing as He’d do … by living and loving fully, with an eye single to the glory of God.

That said, let’s go out and live this day by living it His way!


Share a thought: What good have you seen being done? How has it affected you and your spirits?

fear not

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