Faith, hope & joy – in full bloom

 In nature, The Plan


The world is looking more colorful right about now. Blossoms and blooms in their vivacious variety are raising up and giving glory to God. They seem to escape from the dirt and darkness to testify of divinity and the Great Plan of Happiness. They are silent but living examples of how our bodies will die and decay, but then will be resurrected and brought forth again after a period of stillness – and our bodies will again bloom in perfect and glorious, never to wilt away again. Add to that scene the songs of chirping birds and it seems the whole earth is rejoicing! I love it – and I love it because I love my Savior.

“In this lovely springtime season of the year, this annual awakening when, in the northern hemisphere, the world is renewed, blossoms, and turns green and fresh again, we instinctively turn our thoughts to Jesus Christ, the Savior of the word, the Redeemer of mankind, the source of light, and life, and love.”
– President Howard W. Hunter

So as we go on our nature walks and discover wild trilliums and blue bells, as we see the hostas sprouting and the calla lilies in full bloom, I can’t help but see hope. I see Christ.
I see Mother Nature testifying of Heavenly Father and His Son. Yup, as earth renews in spring, so does my heart – it swells up with joy. Mushy and gushy? Yes … but true.  I just want to take a deep long breath of it all …

Spring _ Square

And what brings me even more happiness is seeing others catch glimmers of that hope and happiness.

I have had the opportunity to watch friends begin to smell the sweetness of the Gospel. They’re planting seeds of faith within their own hearts – and that takes courage and hope. It’s a beautiful sight to see. As they nourish those seeds with obedience and continuous hope, and as they cast out storm clouds in order to hold on to the sun (meaning the Son of God), their seeds will grow. Some seeds shoot up at an impressive speed and height, others more slowly or timidly – but all that are nourished and planted with care can bring forth good fruit and flowers … and that is the joy we yearn for.

“Is there one among us, in any walk of life, who does not need hope and seek for greater joy?
These are the universal needs and longings of the human soul, and they are the promises of Christ to his followers.”
– President Howard W. Hunter

To all who are seeking hope and joy, it is available.  In fact, our Heavenly Father yearns to pour down blessings and power upon us! That lasting hope and joy will come, as we come unto Him. As we leave behind those things we should, and grasp onto those things of a higher nature and a higher call, we will come closer to Him. We will have hope and joy that is unexplainable and beyond logical understanding. It’s pretty glorious!




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