Collective faith: We can feel it!

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Over the Thanksgiving break, my dad lay in a tiny hospital room, quarantined, while physicians ruled out a contagious disease. My mom and I sat by his bedside in our normal clothes, but the nurses and docs came in donning hazmat suits or the heaviest of heavy-duty masks. When items left his room, they were immediately sent to hazardous waste. The hospital had him on high alert. About a week later, when enough test results came back to prove he didn’t have that disease, my little ones were finally allowed to see their GPa. It was a reunion they were eager to make.

My little boy sat next to GPa, holding his hand and smiling from ear-to-ear. The trio drew pictures for him on the whiteboard. They learned about being a nurse, how to work the compression sock machine and what some medical vocabulary (like aseptic and intravenous) meant. They bounced around just happy to be there … but I was a little worried they were wearing GPa out … oh, how I was wrong.

After the kids gave final kisses and went home to be tucked into bed, GPa requested his first walk. He actually had the strength and vigor (plus, permission to leave his room)! This was a big step. The next morning I told my kiddos how their energy had rubbed off on their GPa.

“You guys gave GPa some of your energy! He felt so good that he went on a walk that night!”

The next time they were with GPa, my little boy sat by him again … tightly holding his hand again. In fact, I think he was squeezing with all his might.

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“Feel that, GPa?” he asked. “Feeling energetic now? I’m giving you some of my energy. Here it comes! Feel that?”

Though weak and weary, GPa smiled. He was feeling it … he was feeling the energy of love and perfect faith.

I’m a big believer in composite energy – especially in regards to faith, love and prayers. We can share our energy, our faith and our love with those in need. In fact, we are commanded to mourn with those who mourn, and comfort those who stand in need of comfort … and collecting our energy and faith in behalf of others is a perfect way to accomplish this commandment.

My faith, love and prayers are not perfect.  My faith is small … maybe the size of a mustard seed … but even mustard seeds add up when gathered together. And if the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains, as Christ the Lord has declared (Matthew 17:20), just imagine what many mustard seeds can do!


faith mustard seed

“When someone is ill, the composite faith of all those associated with the blessing govern the powers of heaven. Obviously, great faith on the part of one person can have a tremendous effect when someone receives a blessing, but in the final analysis, it is the combined faith, or lack of faith, of everyone associated with the blessing that determines whether or not the blessing is realized.” – Grant Von Harrison, Drawing on the Powers of Heaven.

During the last few weeks, we have felt the power of collective faith. It has pulled down the powers of heaven, blanketing us with His love. Strength was given to us, when our strength was long gone. Peace arrived from the prayers of others. We felt comforted when we desperately needed comfort.

Thank you for your faith, love and prayers. We still need them. Desperately.

And when my little boy asks, “Can you feel that?” We smile and say, “Yes!”


How has the energy of collective faith influenced your life? I’m guessing this is something we’re all supposed to experience in life – I’d love to hear your experience!

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