Book journey update: Entering a new chapter

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It’s all so surreal … this book thing. It’s been three months since I learned that my book baby would actually be published and delivered to store bookshelves … I can still feel the joy and adrenaline rush through my system from that announcement.

With the contract my editor gave a few golden suggestions and ideas – and a deadline to get the final manuscript to her. So, I took her advice and got to writing and re-writing. I spoke with several women who I adore – all unique in circumstance and trials but similar in strong testimonies. I learned so much! Some of the women are younger, some older, single, married, widowed, some I knew really well, and some just a tad – I listened to their stories, their perspectives and their spiritual insights. Oh, how I love these ladies! Oh, how thankful I am for the examples of righteous women who put God first! Their experiences and words of wisdom make the book stronger and more colorful.

I can’t believe I’m done with the writing phase of this book … I’ve been writing this baby for about 8 years!! Off and on, during nap times and early mornings, I escaped to the keyboard to jot down thoughts and experiences. The Spirit guided my words, and often times I’d go back to read what came out and I’d think, “That sounds way better than anything I could have come up with! This is bigger and better than I am!” (Now, I hope that doesn’t create some humungous expectations … just know I’m a very tiny and inconsequential being to begin with!)

Since the mothering stories have been gathered and woven in and other golden suggestions have been met, the manuscript is officially ready for the next stage in its journey. Ya know those queasy, exciting, nervous feelings you get when you’re entering a new stage in life – whether with school, a job, romance, or whatever? I’m feeling that a bit too …

So, here’s to some epic editing … Anyone out there have advice for me for this next chapter in the book journey? I’d gladly take it! 🙂

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