In Christ

The dahlia fields near our home are in full bloom …. So my camera, my heart and mind have spent time there … picturing the act of blooming.

We plant the seeds, but we can’t make them grow. We can nourish them with clean water and nutrient-rich soil. We can sing to them sweet songs of hope. But we can’t make them grow. And say they do take root, grow Up and bloom …. oh they beauty that unfolds … a beauty that doesn’t compare itself with the variety to its left or right. A beauty that unleashes every petal, holding nothing back. A beauty that glorifies the Maker and True Gardener.

Here’s to blooming because of Him, and for Him!

It is the LOVE for Him that makes things grow, bloom and become beautiful. We plant the seeds – the seeds of faith. We nourish those seeds with clean thoughts and actions, with nutrient-rich scriptures and prayers and church attendance … and He does the rest. With His love, we can really bloom … the eternal bloom that comes without wilting, wrinkling and wondering if we’re enough.

So again, here’s to blooming because of Him, and for Him!


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