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When my cousin Kristin walks into the room for a warm welcome, we instinctively lunge towards her belly. Of course, we were all thrilled to see her glowing face too … but that belly … that baby we haven’t met but love so much … pulls us in with magnetic charm.

Our hands glide over her tummy, and we all coo and coddle it. Her followers happily sing songs to the belly, rub the belly and get giddy with anticipation of that belly baby’s arrival.

We love that little bundle and we know nothing more about it, other than it exists.

princess belly

It still blows my mind – a real live human being existing inside another human being! How amazing is that? How is it done? I mean, I know the scientific “how it’s done” lesson – but even that is simply proof that God is real … that He loves us and provides amazing opportunities for our progression.

He creates life within life.

Creating life within life is part of His divine plan – for several reasons. Not only does life provide opportunities for spirits to have a mortal experience, but God knows that by gifting us with that new, precious life, we mortal parents begin a new life … I keep referring to it as a “mothering metamorphosis” – an irreversible, and terrific transformation.

A mothering life is a completely new life within an existing life …  This new mothering life grows selflessness, service and sacrifice. It’s also a life filled with absolute joy, purity and Christ-like love. It’s so hard to describe, yet there’s so much to say … so much to celebrate … so much to strive for …

I think back to my previous lives – the ones before my trio of fresh-faced souls came – and though I am still the same person … I’m also not at all the same person. It reminds me of a quote from Shakespeare’s As You Like it that Elder Dale G. Renlund recently spoke of in General Conference:

“Twas I; but ‘tis not I: I do not shame to tell you what I was, since my conversion so sweetly tastes, being the thing that I am.”

I feel that way about so many lives within my life … with each conversion to the next phase, life tastes so much sweeter. I look back and can envision me in different scenes … it was I, but it is I no longer. It’s quite beautiful really, to recognize that growth really is taking place – even though in the day-to-day happenings I can’t see even an inch of evolution. Ah, the Plan of Happiness … the Plan of Progression … the change “sweetly tastes.”

So, with that sweetness on the tips of our tongues, we joyously gather to celebrate this new life within a life – both baby’s and mother’s. We shower my cousin with well wishes, tools for the journey and sisterly support. Friends and families pass around pink ribbons and packages, tiny socks and soft stuffed animals, knowing smiles and hope-filled giggles. Every woman expresses a sincere desire to be a part of the new life. They’re already volunteering to her their time, talents and tricks to the trade. I love that! We need each other so much.

baby gift flowers mom me baby

What a way to start a new life – with genuine love from a lovely group of women!
Now for each of us to hold onto the love … throughout every life within our life, and for every life that connects with ours! We need each other so much.

So, with that in mind … if you have any words of wisdom about becoming a new mommy – would you leave them in the comments section below? I still hold tight to advice I received when I was starting out … Your thoughts could hit just the spot for someone else. 🙂

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