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“Put forth your ability to learn as fast as you can, and gather all the strength of mind and principle of faith you possibly can, and then distribute your knowledge to the people.” – Brigham Young (Teachings: Brigham Young, 194)

2019 gives us a fresh opportunity to learn more about Christ and His word – and to distribute our knowledge amongst our families.

With that in mind, I’m sharing some worksheets I’ll be using within my family as we dive into the new study guide for the New Testament, entitled Come Follow Me – For Individuals and Families.

How we’ll use these worksheets:
Each week’s worksheet (links are below) comes divided into fourths, and each family member will cut them out and paste them into their spiritual study notebooks/journals. Each week’s sheet includes one scripture to ponderize, and ways to solidify and apply the Gospel principle of the lesson. Plus, I left the sheets black and white this month, so kiddos (and adults) can color them in as we talk and ponder.

I know that I’ll re-strategize and try new things throughout the year, so I’m not committing to providing these all year long –but I’m trying it for January. If people love it (my family, you and your family), then I’ll create more for February.

If you utilize the worksheets, please let me know what works and what you’d like to see different! And, I’d love to know how you’re implementing the new study guide within your home!! We can all learn from and help each other!

Download by clicking here:

Jan 7-13_Come Follow Me worksheets_Poe 

Jan 14-20_Come Follow Me worksheets_Poe  

Jan 21-27_Come Follow Me worksheets_Poe  

Jan 28-Feb 2_Come Follow Me worksheets_Poe

Happy New Year! And happy learning!


“When all is said and done, we are all students. If the day ever comes when we quit learning, look out. We will just atrophy and die. We all can learn and learn well.”  – Gordon B. Hinckley (Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley, 300)


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