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Save yourself some pain

On a Sunday afternoon I found myself in rare circumstances: alone. The sun was shining and after hours of church I was done sitting, so off I tromped to the woods. We’ve trekked the woodsy trails near our home many times, but it’s been a while – and everything looked different. The overgrown [...]

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Meet Milo

On the day my little boy turned 5 years old, we met Milo … and it was love at first snuggle. Milo is a petite golden doodle (golden retriever/poodle mix). We took him to his first vet appointment recently, and he weighs just less than 5 lbs right now – and he’ll likely be around […]

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Patience in His perfection

Back in high school, my seminary teacher taught that if we pray for patience, we’ll receive opportunities to be patient. That didn’t sound too appealing to me, so I made a mental note not to pray for patience. Well, Heavenly Father knows I’m in need of this virtue even if I’m not going to seek [...]

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Read it. Learn it. Live it.

  Make summer reading sacred (+summer book report freebie!) One of my favorite childhood summertime memories involves lying under a willow tree and inhaling fresh air and fascinating books. Though I was present physically, my mind and heart soared through stories and it was challenging to snap [...]

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Favorite Fathers

Grandfathers, father figures, fathers-in-law, fathers of our church family, fathers of our children, fathers of our bodies and the Father of our spirit … they are all teaching us about the role of fatherhood – whether they teach consciously or not. “Every day you are teaching … what it means to [...]

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Pay attention. Where am I?

I’m in Costco – kidless. That’s a holiday for me, so I take time strolling aisles. I even pick up one lone sample – which feels awesome. I always feel too guilty to grab myself a sample after I’ve fed my littles, so usually I just snag three and then live vicariously through my children […]

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He’s in the divine details

Her little hand unfurls to reveal a tiny, perfect bloom. “Look what I found!” her cuteness bubbling over. The delicate petals are just as petite as she is – and as pure white too. I give her a quick, “Oh yeah, that’s cute…” and continue in my conversation. She lingers near, cradling her [...]

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Knit together with love

Christ commands us to be as little children … and oh, how often the little children around me exemplify exactly why! We traveled to some dear forever friends of ours; and even though it had been a while since the last visit, our kiddos meshed and loved each other instantly. To see the six [...]

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