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Wind beneath my wings

We strolled the path leading home, hand-in-hand and with happy hearts. The girls buzzed ahead on bikes. The dad ran the fluffy pup along – trying to wring every last bit of animal energy out. That left just me and my buddy boy. He felt beyond tired, and dragged his body along at a snail’s […]

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My memories & my Rock

October in Oregon offers some of the best days at the coast. So, when the weather forecast includes sun and doesn’t include wind – you drop all plans in order to reach the sands. Even though it was a Monday (my most productive day of the week), and even though we had laundry and lessons […]

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Be still.

The first time I spoke in church was at a stake conference. I was about 15 years old. I had planned and prepared my words – and I knew the address well. Well enough to zoom through it – talking with a teenage tempo times ten. After the meeting, when I finally relaxed with relief, […]

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Words to love & live

  They look into their own eyes – the ones captured in this photo – while reciting these sacred words: “They were young; and their minds were firm; and they did put their trust in God continually.” (Alma 57:27) And it feels as if those words were written especially for them – to describe [...]

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Pronoun problems: Glory giving

My visiting teachers schedule appointments with me strictly to see my children – at least, that’s what my children think.  When the ladies arrive, the girls run to the door for hugs and hellos, while Eli bolts for the dress up box. Today’s most attention grabbing getup involves green tights and [...]

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My wish for you

Each new school year splashes the harsh evidence in my mama face: My kiddos are growing up. My time with them at home is short. The new {bigger} clothes, new {bigger} books and new {bigger} childhood dilemmas are proof – along with the higher number associated with their grade in school. I find [...]

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