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Nestled in Christ

There’s something charming about Matryoshka dolls. They’re classic, simple and represent personal memories as well as countries’ cultures. My aunt gifted us blank Matryoshka dolls for Christmas, along with supplies and an adorable book. And here it is, close to Easter, and we’re finally [...]

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The book’s backstory

People ask how Everyday MOMents came to be …. So here’s the book’s backstory. I’m glad I wrote it down, so I can slip it in my journal. Thanks for reading! In 2005, I left a full-time career I loved to start a for-eternity job I loved even more. My firstborn babe bravely became guinea [...]

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How much do you love me?

Five on the bed; where one pajama ends the next begins. It’s a lazy Sunday morning {gotta love the afternoon church schedule}, and we’re nuzzling as long as possible – delaying the inevitable roll from warm blankets to cold floors.  Our little ones squirm and wrestle, using their full body [...]

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