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Why we really give flowers to mothers

A colorful spectrum of stunning flowers lines the markets today – and will be placed in the tender hands of mothers tomorrow. Flowers came to Mothers’ Day back in 1907 when the holiday’s founder, Anna Jarvis, distributed white carnations in honor of her mother’s favorite flower… but there [...]

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A life within a life

When my cousin Kristin walks into the room for a warm welcome, we instinctively lunge towards her belly. Of course, we were all thrilled to see her glowing face too … but that belly … that baby we haven’t met but love so much … pulls us in with magnetic charm. Our hands glide over […]

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I’m running behind

Hiking out of trees to the rivers’ edge, I spotted a mother duck surrounded by a happy group of toddling ducklings. Their fluffy yellow down and mini-waddles melted my heart instantly. One, two, three … it was difficult to count them all as they mingled and meandered … 7, 8, 9 … TEN! Ten babies [...]

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Time for Chances

Time for chances First of all, thank you. Thank you for coming! Thank you for giving these little words a chance … It’s that time of year, you know: Time for chances … for experiments … for growth. It’s time for Spring’s seed planting. We’ve been softening soil, forming lines and mounds, [...]

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